Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Attaching Meshes which do not have UI yet.

Here's a quick step-by-step on how to attach the new meshes that don't have UI spots yet :)

First step - Getting to the Avatar Override menu

1. Go to

2. Sign in

3. Click "My Home" in the upper right

4. Click "Edit Profile" in the bar along the top

5. On the bar that appears under this, click "Avatar".

Second step - Adding a mesh override

This menu lets you see all the textures and meshes that are attached to your avatar, and lets you customize them yourself with things that aren't normally available through the UI. There are a bunch of new meshes that don't yet have a place in UI (user interface), but that have been made available for advanced users to play with. These include some baggy clothes meshes, beards, bags, and veils. For this tutorial, we'll attach a veil.

1. Find an unnused mesh spot. Look for an empty box with [Something]Mesh beside it. For this guide, use OtherMesh, at the bottom. It's a good one to use since it's generally empty. The only thing that goes on there usually is wings.

2. Type HF_Head_BridalVeil_Long.gml into the box. The mesh boxes will always be for GMLs. These are the files that link to a mesh.

3. If you wish to change the texture, there is a OtherSkin box below. Typing the name of a texture in the game (followed by .png or .jpg) will put this texture onto the mesh.

4. Click "Save Changes" at the bottom.

5. At the top of the page is the "Saved Outfits" section. If you wish, you can save your just created outfit here and then apply it in the game. Otherwise you'll have to log out and log back in to see the changes on your avatar.

Thats all! You should now be wearing a veil. Meshes can be attached to many of the different points, but keep in mind that some may not work as well as others because this is essentially hacking the character to make it do something it wasn't initially set up for.

The following is a list of all meshes that are not included in the UI, but can be attached to characters.

Clothing for men: Baggy pants: HM_lowerbody_loosepants.gml

Baggy shorts: HM_lowerbody_looseshorts.gml

Baggy shirt: HM_upperbody_looseshirt.gml

Suit Jacket: HM_upperbody_suitjacket.gml

Skirts for men: Gown: HM_lowerbody_skirtgown.gml

Mini: HM_lowerbody_skirtmini.gml

Medium: HM_lowerbody_skirtmedium.gml

Long: HM_lowerbody_skirtlong.gml

Bags/purses for women:

Backpack: HF_bag_backpack.gml Messenger

Bag: HF_bag_messengerbag.gml Purse: HF_bag_purse.gml

Wedding veils for women:

Long: HF_Head_BridalVeil_Long.gml

Medium: HF_Head_BridalVeil_Medium.gml

Short: HF_Head_BridalVeil_Short.gml

Beards for men: Chincurtain: HM_beard_chincurtain.gml Cop

Stache: HM_beard_copstache.gml

Friendly Mutton Chops: HM_beard_friendlymuttonchops.gml

Full Beard: HM_beard_fullbeard.gml

Goatee: HM_beard_goatee.gml

Hollywoodian: HM_beard_hollywoodian.gml

Huge Beard: HM_beard_hugebeard.gml

Mutton Chops: HM_beard_muttonchops.gml

Petit Goatee: HM_beard_petitgoatee.gml

Plain Stache: HM_beard_plainstache.gml

Single Braid: HM_beard_singlebraid.gml

Soul Patch: HM_beard_soulpatch.gml

Vandyke: HM_beard_vandyke.gml

Zappa: HM_beard_zappa.gml

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